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Q. My son/daughter turns 5 after April 30, 2018. Can he/she play in the Summer League?

A. Unfortunately no. The divisions are set up based on the players baseball eligibility age for the next spring season. We want to provide the baseball 5's (next year's 6's) an introductory experience in Rookie baseball in order to better prepare them for next spring. Having a baseball 4 play Rookie ball when they will not be able to play it next year would be inconsistent with our development goals.

Q. How did the League decide the Age Divisions they would offer?

The Age Divisions were decided by the anticipated number of available players in each age group, and as previously stated, the desire to provide "the next level up" experience to eligible players in a slightly less competitive environment. 5's moving to Rookie next year and 8's moving to Minor next year.

Q. Can my son/daughter be placed on the same team as his/her friend?

A. Not likely. In order to maintain order and competitive balance, players will be required to try out, and managers will draft players based upon the player's demonstrated skill level.

Q. My son/daughter is playing with the All Stars. Can he/she also play in the Summer League?

A. Unfortunately no. The Summer League has been set up to provide playing opportunities to those children who don't make All-Stars or those that choose not to play All-Stars. Space in the summer league is limited and it would not be fair to deny a playing opportunity for a non all star by an all star with plenty of playing opportunity. Additionally, the summer league schedule will likely conflict with All Star activities and it would be impossible to fully commit to do both.

Q. How did you decide the schedule of games?

A. The schedule has been determined by trying to balance a couple of key factors:

  1. Sharing of the Cal Ripken fields with the 7 All-Star Teams
  2. Allowing families to have the summer weekends free for other activities
  3. Providing for a Summer Baseball Season that is not too time consuming, too long, or too short.

Q. When will we know who the managers will be or if we have enough managers in each division?

A. If we project we don't have enough volunteers, we may have to decide to pull the plug on the Summer League idea and issue refunds. Please sign up early and indicate on the registration form if you are interested in managing or coaching a team. The biggest risk to the Summer League at this point is a potential lack of volunteer support.